Round Specialty Cake Flavors Available Daily

Chocolate, Red Velvet, Vanilla Birthday Cake, Jess' Butter Pound Cake, Carrot Cake

Sweetz specialty cakes are 8 inches across and between 5-6 inches tall with two layers. Specialty cake orders require 24-48 hour advanced notice before the scheduled pickup date and time. Same-day ordering is available for a small fee, depending on availability. Payment in full is required at the time of order. 

Custom cakes are also available by request. 

Please email us at or contact us by phone at (737) 900-9817We would love the opportunity to make that special event even more special with one of our many specialty cakes! Custom cakes start at $59.99! Custom Cakes are not available for Shipping. However... Sweetz offers FREE Delivery.


Refund Policy 

No refunds are allowed on Specialty Cake or Custom Cake orders that have been baked, decorated, prepped, or ready for pickup.

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