Silicone Baking Mat Extra Large and Thick - Non-Stick Sheet Mat with measurements

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Silicone Baking Mat - Large and Thick - Non-Stick Sheet Mat with measurements

  • Non-Sticky Surface and Anti-Slip Bottom: Nonstick silicone baking mat is made of food-grade silicone, which is easy and convenient for baking. Easily Cleaned and won't move around while in use.
  • !00% Food Grade Silicone Baking Mat: We offer food-grade silicone sheets made of premium silicone and fiberglass. Safer and High heat resistance of 450°F. 
  • Safe to use in the oven or freezer.
  • The thickness of this mat is 0.7MM, which is almost twice thicker as other mats. We added the material fiberglass to reinforce the mat. It won’t rip or roll up at the edges. It is tough to crinkle or slide around as you roll the dough. A reusable silicone baking mat is more environmentally friendly.
  • Perfect for baking and more. This silicone pastry mat provides a large (28" x 20") nonstick surface for preparing all kinds of pie crust, pizza, dough, biscuits, macarons, bread, pastries, and fondant. 
  • EASY to CLEAN & STORAGE: This large nonstick sheet silicone mat keeps the worktop clean. Even burnt sugar and fat falls off or leftover dough, without the inevitable clean-up, Just a quick wipe down, rinse the mat in warm soapy water or throw it in the dishwasher; no more scrubbing, So easy! Unlike traditional bulky wooden pastry boards, this baking mat rolls up for easy, space-saving storage. It’s valued for its easy-to-clean surface.