Here at Sweetz Bkry, we are known for our delicious Cheesecakes, Cookies, Brownies and many other delicious desserts! 
We, therefore, strive to create time spent as a family or with friends in the kitchen memorable. Unlocking the creativity in the kitchen while learning and having fun. Bringing things back to a simpler time, just as it was for us growing up as a kid!  In doing so, building lifelong skills while not overemphasizing the "learning" to the point that it is no longer fun. 
With our new Baking Bundles for kids up and coming we have created a way to inspire our little chefs in the kitchen. In addition to the unknown learning and newfound confidence, we have seen Dr. William Doherty and The Family Barilla Project say, "families who cook and eat together have more open relationships with their parents", in turn, building stronger and often healthier relationships. 
Food is more than fuel to the body; it feeds the soul. Sharing a meal, one that was cooked or baked together has meaning and leaves a memorable moment that will last a lifetime. Breaking bread together is even a rite of passage in some cultures. 


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