Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Sweetz Bkry

$ 55.00
                                              Strawberry Cake
Our delicious Strawberry Cakes are perfectly soft, moist, and fluffy. Handmade with real strawberries and covered with our customer's favorite signature cream cheese frosting! Made with a fresh strawberry puree that you can taste throughout every bite! Topped with fresh strawberries and a beautiful side drizzle of strawberry sauce!
Strawberry cake pairs well with different frostings such as Cream Cheese or Vanilla Buttercream. (30-32 Servings)

Sweetz Bkry uses the richest ingredients and rigorous quality control measures to create the finest ready-to-serve desserts. Using authentic, finely tuned recipes, all desserts are made from scratch, without using mixes or taking shortcuts. Plus, each dessert is decorated and iced by hand to ensure an unmatched taste and appearance that will stand out against any other brand. With our strict attention to quality, you can be assured that when you serve a Sweetz Bkry dessert you are serving the absolute best!

Best of all, our Strawberry Cakes are ready to serve right out of the box to save you time and money. 

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